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Athletes Participate in Sports Because…

Athletes at all levels and ages participate in sports for multiple reasons.  Having fun tops the list as the number one reason for athletes to be involved in sports.  This FACT, must always be a focus and remembered.

It is the duty of responsible adults to ensure all athletes have a positive experience in which they want to train more and try harder to become an improved participant.  When you add  fun, excitement, and high energy into this coaching mix, amazing results are possible.

Educated Coaches are able to organize and administer a positive athletic experience for participants of all ages.  These individuals serve others in promoting a group culture that is life altering.  This blog is dedicated to showcasing the exceptional skills of these people and educating athletes, parents, and coaches in the methods that intentionally deliver positive results that create success on and off the athletic field.

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Coach Matt Nein recently presented at the Florida Athletic Coaches Association Lacrosse Conference in Daytona Beach Florida on Long Term Athletic Development for the High School Athlete.  Great Job Matt and way to represent

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