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Happy Birthday Educated Coaches

Happy Birthday Educated is one month old today!!!  13 posts and one month later we continue to publish three dynamic posts per week on timely topics related to coaching, teaching, sport, leadership, and development.

Going into this endeavor, we were not sure if we even had enough content for one month of 13 posts.  Both Matt and I have had a blast and look forward to continued success with the blog and educating parents, coaches, and athletes about how sports can be an incredible learning tool when presented in the appropriate fashion.

We also look forward to your continued interaction by liking, tweeting, and commenting on our posts.  Feel free to express your opinions and let us know if you think we are on the right track or need to make an adjustment.

Also, if you have friends that are parents, coaches or athletes, please introduce them to what we have to offer at (Its FREE).  Advancing education in youth sports within the United States will happen one educated individual at a time until so much momentum is gained, that we all behave in a positive and appropriate manner.  I firmly believe that participating in this blog can produce an improved experience within athletics for all parents, coaches, and athletes.

Thanks for the continued participation in and we look forward to many more months and years together!!!

Coach Brad

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