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Kansas City – Summer 2013

What a great summer I was able to experience as an intern for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) and Major League Soccer (MLS).  The ability to learn about the inner workings of the NSCAA and how education is delivered to soccer coaches was extremely intriguing.  The process for running a class which seems simple to candidates at the course is actually a highly complex endeavor with multiple steps that must be delivered correctly in order to have a successful course.  Networking and the ability to enhance my leadership philosophy were key results of the NSCAA internship.

Working for the MLS special events team was soccer heaven.  As the VIP liaison, I was able to meet many of the players and people I looked up to as a youth soccer player.  Shaking hands and talking with Tony Meola, Kasey Keller, John Harkes, Alexi Lalas, and many current MLS starts was a surreal experience.  Attending the same functions as these people along with the heads of MLS and US Soccer was rather unbelievable.  We were fourteen rows up for the All-Star game where the class of AS Roma really shined.

Both internship experiences were fantastic.  If you have the opportunity to attend Sporting Park where Sporting Kansas City plays, please attend.  It is a stadium with supportive fans that creates the perfect soccer environment for the home team.  What a fun and exciting summer it was!!!  I have attached the pictures I liked from this summer to this posting.

3 thoughts on “Kansas City – Summer 2013

  1. What a summer you had! They were lucky to have you, and the Storm family is thrilled to have you back!

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