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Learning Creates Progress and Purpose

John Wooden - The Greatest Sport Teacher to Apply the Trade as a Coach
John Wooden – The Greatest Sport Teacher to Apply the Trade as a Coach

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

-John Wooden

Learning where to look for competent research based information about youth sports is half the battle.  Of course reading it then is really important as well…

I have compiled a list of a few web sites and books that I really believe get it right when it comes to educating parents and coaches about youth sports.

Web Sites

National Council of Youth Sports

  • Features an Education and tips and tools section for coaches and parents that provides valuable information

Responsible Sports: Liberty Mutual

  •  Fantastic Guides available for both coaches and parents.  Their recommended mastery approach is amazing!!!

National Alliance for Youth Sports

  •  Gives tips and advice for parents, coaches, league administrators and officials with the focus on Fun for the participants.

American Sport Education Program

  •  Showcases numerous free resources such as Sport Parent Survival Guide and the ability for coaches to take courses specific to their sport or courses that teach general responsibility when working with athletes.


Coaching Outside the Box: Changing the Mindset in Youth Soccer by Richard Shaw and Paul Mairs  Click here for the link

  • An amazing book that demonstrates what coaches should and should not be doing with young players in the sport and enables parents to identify if effective coaching is taking place.  A must read for coaches and parents who have children who participate in youth sports as the ideas and concepts can be easily transferred.

Game On: The All-American Race to Make Champions of Our Children written by Tom Farrey  Click Here for link.

  • This book is a look at the culture of how youth sports have changed and answers many questions parents and coaches have in creating best practices for development.  Extremely interesting topics and conclusions on youth sports.

The Double Goal Coach: Positive Coaching Tools for Honoring the Game and Developing Winners in Sports and Life by Jim Thompson  Click Here for Link

  • Strategies featured in this book reflect the best practices of elite coaches and the latest research in sports psychology.

Why Johnny Hates Sports by Fred Engh  Click Here for the Link

  • Illustrates serious problems that go on in youth sports today and provides numerous answers to solving these problems with practical answers.

101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent: Making Athletics a Positive Experience for Your Child by Dr. Joel Fish  Click Here for the Link

  • The main theme of the book demonstrates how the determining factor in whether a child between the ages of 6 and 17 enjoys athletics is his or her parents – not the sport, coach, or team.  Great Read!!!

I hope this list of quality resources motivates you to do research, become educated, and pass the message along.  We can revolutionize sports within America at the youth, high school, and collegiate level.  Create a better experience for all participants through coaching, parent, and player education.  This is how the game will be changed and progress will occur!!!

Thanks for reading the blog and have a great day!!!

Coach Brad

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