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Live Your Dream!!!

Working with and Educating passionate soccer players!  No vacation needed here!!!
Working with and Educating passionate soccer players! 

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”

-Seth Godin

This statement hit home for me after teaching physical education for nine years in a school setting.  Towards the end of my eighth school year I found myself totally uninterested in teaching general physical education or being involved in a school setting.   Throughout the ninth year, my teaching became more like monitoring, not interacting with the students or event attempting to educate them.   I love working with children that are passionate about development, fitness, exercise, and sport.  I was receiving students in middle school that had no interest in any of these topics.  My job became a job…not a passion or something I looked forward to doing.

In the fall of 2010, I decided to make a change to live my passion.  Working with young people who are excited and energized about developing their soccer abilities became that avenue.  Providing a meaningful experience to hundreds of families who desire a better developmental path for their child has been the result.  This leadership role has required me to develop my personal skills and abilities in many ways in order to find success.  Most weeks require long hours but they pay off in seeing young soccer players develop a passion and love for the sport while becoming responsible young adults.

Handling this responsibility on a weekly basis has driven me and the group of coaches that are my teammates to a high level of excellence and pride in what we do.  We enthusiastically love coaching youth soccer, look at it as a meaningful endeavor, and fervently believe what happens on the youth soccer field today will create a better opportunity for the various professional leagues and the US National Soccer teams to have greater future successes.

We use the platform of youth soccer to enhance the lives of others.  This journey has created a family atmosphere within our soccer club that reinforces a culture of positivity and excellence.  I thoroughly enjoy sharing this experience with as many people as I can as they cannot believe what a tremendous culture has been created.

I look forward to continued personal growth within the field of youth sports as more participants continue to join our club and consulting opportunities continue to develop.  I am looking forward to the future development of these exciting soccer adventures.

Thanks for being part of  Tell the world about this great learning opportunity!!!

Coach Brad

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