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The Education of a Coach Part VII: 10,000 Hours Leads to Success

10,000 Hours Towards Coaching Excellence

Becoming an expert teacher-coach is a rigorous process that a considerable number of coaches will unfortunately never be able to realize.  One does not just become a superior coach but must work hard at their craft employing a distinct method to find this excellence.  An individual must put forth a focused effort over the course of a significant length of time in order to have a positive impact as a coach.  The key to success in any field and especially coaching is practicing around 10,000 hours.  This amount of time when intelligently organized with the Four Coaching Developmental Principles generates an elevated level of leadership, coaching, and teaching proficiency.

The Four Coaching Developmental Principles that enable the process of coaching growth to occur are:

  • Educational Background/Lifetime Learner
  • Caring, Positive, & Driven Towards Success
  • Skillful Presenter
  • Mentor Relationship

Teacher-coaches that have an educational background have learned the most effective methods to deliver their message.  Employing the appropriate lesson planning techniques promotes creating an excellent environment of learning and development.  These coaches seek out and find new methods to improve as a coach through coaching classes, observing other coaches, attending symposiums, reading topical books and magazines, and watching relevant videos.  Coaches who care about improving move from piecing together sessions out of books that may or may not relate to each other to planning and creating their own sessions that have a positive impact on the participant’s life each time they work with them.

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Time on the field benefits players and coaches and pushes everybody to an improved level of excellence

Teachers with a positive and caring outlook pass these traits on to their pupils.  When individuals and groups are positive and care about what they are doing anything can be accomplished.  Teacher-coaches that are driven towards success are willing to put the long hours in studying, planning, and on the field that it takes to become the best.  Without the drive to succeed, the journey to the top will not take place.

Exciting, electrifying, poignant, effective, and energized are some of the adjectives that are used when the master coach is presenting.  The oration is often remembered by the students with the major points being put into effect over the course of future training sessions and games without the coach even having to remind the athletes.  All participants are so enthralled by the presentation that positive change happens daily in this type of environment.

The most important progression within the Four Coaching Developmental Principles is developing a mentorship relationship.  The next post at will talk about how developing a positive mentor relationship can give the coach the ability to improve in all aspects of coaching.

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