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Austin Seelbach – Recovery is Happening!!!

Austin Seelbach writes a fantastic post about how her ACL recovery is coming along. Austin is an amazing person and has allowed the readers of an inside look at her struggles and triumphs as she works towards a full recover of her ACL tear. Thanks for reading about this amazing young lady.

photoHey everyone,

At this point I am 14 weeks into my recovery. That means that I will be able to run! I am writing this on Wednesday, so this Friday I will be able to start jogging. I won’t be able to run outside of physical therapy for a few weeks, but just being able to run is an amazing feeling. I have also started to do some agility work with a ladder. It feels great to be able to move again. I have also been doing a lot of weights because before this week, my knee was really weak. I have started to gain some muscle back, and feel so much better. I do things like dead lifts, leg press, and squats. I actually sweat at physical therapy which makes me feel like I am doing something for my body to get it back into shape. I also work out at my high school. This is where I do most of my upper body work, with a lot of hip and hamstring work as well. The weight room is an amazing place to be. You will never walk in there and see it empty. After school that is the busiest place in the school. You have all kinds of athletes working out, therefore you are never bored, and always have someone in there to push you. Being part of an athletic program at your school is a really special thing. You meet people that you would never even run into in the hallways. Hilton Head High has such amazing sports and I’m so lucky to have the support that I have from all of the people involved.

I have just recently started to work out in the pool with my strength coach at the high school. For an injured athlete, the pool is their best friend. You can basically do anything you want to because your not putting any pressure on your injury. It gets you back in shape like nothing else. Even though I am able to run and do more things, my knee still feels weak. I haven’t put any strain on it since my surgery, and so it’s not going to be the most stable. Everything around it feels strong, but the actual knee itself is not strong. I am hoping that after a few weeks of running it will feel normal again, and regain its strength. Everyone at physical therapy is really pleased at how fast I am regaining my strength. It’s great to have the support that I do there. It is where I spend most of my time. I am half way through my recovery and feeling really good. Hopefully the next 3 months go by as fast as these three have.

Thanks for reading my post. I love seeing all of the reply’s!!!


11 thoughts on “Austin Seelbach – Recovery is Happening!!!

  1. It’s nice to see that your recovery is going well and it is apparent from the posts that you have a lot of support which is great! My question is, once you’re back on the field and in the weight room full time, how do you plan on balancing your competitive nature and “not over doing it”? As a coach, I would love to know your thought process on this and how a coach could assist you in this potentially problematic stage of your recovery.

    1. Thank you for this question! Once I am cleared to play, I consider my knee healed and it will be game on. During my rehabilitation, I am strengthening not only my repaired knee, but I am working to prevent future injuries. I have to believe in my recovery that I am ready to go and stronger then I ever was before my tear. So, when I do come back I won’t have to worry about “over doing” anything. My goal when I come back, is to not even think about my knee when I am playing. Just to go back to playing even better than I was before.

      I can’t speak for all players, but for me I would love for my coaches to push me, and treat me just as they did before my injury.

  2. You ARE an amazing young lady! What a role model! We are so proud of you…always!
    Grandma and Pop Pop

  3. Austin keep up the great work. It is a long road but you are doing great. We can’t wait to have you back on the soccer field.
    Coach Jeremy

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