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The Strength of Humility

Humble-LeaderAs a full time youth soccer coach, I may work with children between the ages of 3 to 18 all in the same day.  Providing this service with a full effort on each occasion like it could be the final time I ever work with that group or participant is an item I attempt to bring to each training session.  This effort hopefully allows each child to have an amazing experience during the activity.  It is not simply about doing a job; it is about being passionate to create a once in a lifetime experience that over time will have a positive effect with the children and families I work with.  Continually serving and building others to be successful have given me a lifetime of positive friendships and experiences.

Providing these services as a humble leader create an opportunity for growth as an individual and as a leader.  This humble approach can be enacted in numerous leadership situations such as when working with children as a parent, within civic leadership opportunities, and when taking a leadership role in your particular profession.

G.J. Hart who is the CEO of Texas Roadhouse was interviewed by the website Leadership Freak and Hart discussed why humble leaders are stronger than arrogant leaders.  He believes he can usually tell if individuals will have the humility to be successful.  This really provided me with a focus on how to provide effective leadership and I wanted to share it with the Educated Coaches followers.

Humble Strength vs. Arrogant Weakness:

  • Humility learns, arrogance knows.
  • Humble leaders submit to noble values; they won’t bend.  Arrogant leaders bend rules to their advantage.
  • Humility listens; arrogance talks.
  • Humble leaders serve others; arrogant leaders serve themselves.
  • Humble leaders are free to build up others.  Arrogant leaders build up themselves.
  • Humility opens hearts; arrogance builds walls.
  • Humility joins; arrogance stands aloof.
  • Humble leaders connect; arrogant leaders disconnect.

Practicing humility on a daily basis has become a daily habit in which behaving in any other manner seems foreign.  I urge you to add humble strength into your daily routines as we all try to become a better person each and every day.

Coach Brad

5 thoughts on “The Strength of Humility

    1. John, thanks for reading the post. Your comments are always very meaningful as we continue to create the appropriate environment for young athletes.

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