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Youth Soccer Coaches in the United States: Development is a Worthy Process

Youth soccer clubs must be able to teach hired coaches their specific philosophy and curriculum in order to develop players that can eventually perform at the top levels in the manner in accordance with the prescribed developmental methods of the soccer club.

At Storm Soccer Academy we play a possession-oriented style focusing on basic possession ideas with our youngest players advancing with our older players to more progressive ideas around the field. We attempt to create technically advanced players that can keep possession, probing the defense with passes until a numbers advantage is created. By having a club wide philosophy and curriculum, the Storm SA teams all perform in a similar manner, learn by participating in the same proven training activities, and hear the same coaching points during training and games. It is an organized method to training youth athletes in which coaches must become experts in order to create learners that are passionate, highly skilled, and enjoy all aspects of training and playing the game.

Thomas Collage
Coach Thomas – Player to Coach in 1 Year – A Developmental Process

We have found it is most effective economically and developmentally that we hire young college graduates in their early 20’s that have a passion for soccer and hard work. These coaches have usually played as a youth in a club or high school and some have even participated in college. The factor that is alike for almost all new coaches is their personal passion for soccer. They know they want to do something within soccer as a coach and give back to the game but they are not entirely sure about the process of becoming a coach. A full time professional youth soccer coach in the United States is not a job that is often advertised within college career service departments and is tough to maintain as insurance and retirement benefits are not usually part of the payment process. A love of soccer and teaching makes coaching a reality for these types of individuals who most likely thought the only option was being a school teacher and coach. Thirty years ago youth coaching was a part time job but now…the sky is the limit and full time opportunities are available in youth soccer for those that are willing to work hard and learn the process of becoming a successful coach.

After a passion for the game and love for teaching are felt, the process of developing a youth soccer coach at Storm SA begins in a mentor/mentee relationship. The inexperienced soccer coach that has ideas about how they were trained, how they may have trained players outside of their current position, or what they have read or watched videos about is a blend of activities that may or may not be useful to working with youth soccer players within the Storm Soccer Academy environment. Just like a young soccer player, we would not want to throw the inexperienced coach into a situation they could not handle leading to a poor experience with coaching. It is the job of the mentor soccer coach to equip the new soccer coach with the tools and advice necessary to find success. This process occurring over time will create successful coaches that have an in depth understanding of the club curriculum and philosophy that will lead to excellence during training and in game situations.

The next blog in this series will provide details about how the mentorship process works at Storm Soccer Academy and why it has been successful over the course of the last four years. Developing coaches to teach using high standards and give players the opportunities to work with an ever increasing number of excellent coaches is a process that must occur within a growing soccer club that wants to continue producing high level players.

Watching young coaches learn and develop their leadership and coaching skills is now a passion of mine and nothing is more exciting to me than seeing a new coach find success during a training or game situation.  I get goose bumps just thinking about it….

Thanks for taking part in the blog and I look forward to reading comments about how your job or youth sports club develops their coaches and leaders.

Coach Brad

4 thoughts on “Youth Soccer Coaches in the United States: Development is a Worthy Process

  1. Very well done! Keep up the great work… Let me know if you want to take in a Sand Gnats game sometime… Doug

  2. Good words.

    My favorites were these: “Watching young coaches learn and develop their leadership and coaching skills is now a passion of mine and nothing is more exciting to me than seeing a new coach find success during a training or game situation. I get goose bumps just thinking about it….”

    Always fun to see personal experience and a heart sneak through.

    Hope time away has been refreshing. Elliana had more than her share of, “Unkl Brud, Unkl Brud, Unkl Brud…” throughout Monday.

    Peace, Abbie

    1. Abbie,

      Thanks for reading the blog and taking an active part within the comment section. Looking forward to your thoughts about future blog posts and can’t wait to play with Elliana and Eden. Talk to you soon!!!

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