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Learning Through Mentorship on the Athletic Field

Soccer Coaches and Friendtor’s

“To reach people no one else is reaching, we must do things no one else is doing.”

  • Craig Groeschel (

Leaders within organizations must realize that in order to be a success, they must build a climate calculated to build potential leaders.  Leaders that surround themselves with other leaders create more success for their organization.  An environment of development is prompted by leaders who demonstrate that they care and are genuinely interested in the growth of the people they lead.  Emphasizing production, providing opportunities for growth, and implementing a mentor/mentee program all will assist with developing the qualities of a leader.  The organization that is able to grow leaders multiplies the effectiveness of the entity.

The mentor/mentee relationship prospers when both individuals involved realize how important the developing relationship will be in individual growth for both people.  Development through conversation, caring, relationship growth, interaction, shared interests, and strengthening talents leads to success for both individuals.

At Storm Soccer Academy, sessions are organized in a group-training format.  One master coach leads the session with three to four assistants and forty to fifty players involved in the session.  For example, the training group would be fifty boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 11 all performing the same activities.  The master coach has created the session for the all coaches to perform.  The standard of excellence that the Master Coach establishes within the group training setting is the factor between amazing success or a crashing disappointment.

Friends, Coaches, Mentors, and Mentees…Friendtors

Within the session the master coach will ensure each coach fully understands what training activities are being performed, the instructional points to focus on for each activity, and ensure the players are divided into appropriate skill level training groups.  This master coach is also tasked with ensuring all of the coaches within the session grow as coaches throughout that time period.  This happens when the master coach educates, persuades, and demonstrates how the session should be organized and administered to each assistant coach.  The time spent working with the assistants, ensures these coaches are learning processes on how to be a success within the organizations, hence the mentor-mentee relationship.

As a wonderful friend and mentor for many, Coach Ben Freakley and I enjoy discussing this topic.  Ben suggests that we call this type of relationship a friendtorship. A friendtorship is when a mentorship is initially established following the generally established parameters of this type of relationship that progressively develops into a life long friendship.  I thoroughly believe that the learning that takes place between the mentor and mentee and the friendship that forms due to this relationship adds value to each individual’s purpose in all aspects of their life.  Friends, mentors, mentees, and colleagues…Creating a successful organization one relationship at a time!!!

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