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I Coach…

Why spend my time working with sport participants?  It sure isn’t for wins and losses…Wins and losses do not last as the next game is always on the horizon.  I COACH

  • I coach to create positive relationships.
  • I coach to have and promote fun.
  • I coach to be involved with feelings of jubilation and success.
  • I coach to be involved with feelings of sadness and how to overcome doubt, fear, and obstacles.
  • I coach because I love to teach.
  • I coach to promote healthy habits.
  • I coach to have an opportunity to influence youth sport participants in lifetime development and success.
  • I coach because I enjoy being connected to the game I love.
  • I coach to create future coaches.
  • I coach to give young players and families the opportunity to create amazing memories.
  • I coach to introduce new people to the game I love.
  • I coach to assist players with reaching individual and team goals.

Everybody is a coach.  Everybody teaches.  Why do you coach or teach?

EducatedCoaches community unite!!!  Please leave a comment about your reasons for coaching and teaching.  #LifetimeLearner.


Coach Brad


4 thoughts on “I Coach…

  1. I coach because I love to help people learn something new, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals. And I love seeing people have fun and enjoy the whole learning process.

  2. I LOVE this!!!! This shows the world one of the many reasons I love you! You are such an incredible person and coach! All so true!

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