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U Coach…

On Tuesday, I wrote about the reasons I coach with the hopes that many of you would share with me the reasons you participate in the wonderful world of teaching and coaching.  Many people shared and commented on their experiences within the profession but I received an especially remarkable response from Tom Valcke through email correspondence with Darin Van Tassel.  Both of these amazing men have been involved with education and teaching for numerous years at the highest levels of their profession and I am extremely humbled they both take the time to engage with the blog posts featured at

As I was reading the message that Darin forwarded on to me from Tom, I began to receive chills down my spine and goosebumps all over just like when watching the scene from Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner plays catch and has a talk with his long passed away Father.  The scene is below in two videos if you have not watched it before.  Actually… I cry each time I watch the scenes below as my Dad and I shared a special bond through baseball and I would do anything to have this type of opportunity again.  I miss him so much.

Thomas Valcke-224x318
Tom Valcke

The passion, intensity, devotion, fervor, and detailed focus Tom inserted into his reasons that he coaches truly amazed me and I wanted to pass this along to all of the readers.  Enjoy what Tom has shared below:

I coach because I owe it back to the game that gave so much to me.  I coach because anyone who give back to the game by coaching, gets the privilege realizing one of the World’s greatest secrets – that the game not only continues to give back to you as a coach, but in greater measures than when you played.

I coach because of the feeling all day long before a big game.  Regardless of how that game turns out, whether my players deliver what I have taught, or fail to do so, which makes them better for the next time anyway.  The anticipation of a game not knowing what is going to happen in that game, anticipating that good things will happen, and hoping that my players will play to their own potential.  An A player playing an A game just as much as a C player playing a C game.  Maybe a C player will play a B game – you never know!?

Knowing that a season-long of practice, the past week’s practices, and last night’s practice has prepared my players as best as I know how.  Knowing that I am prepared for the opposition and what they are likely to try and do to beat our team, and having a Play A, Plan B, and even a Plan C to answer back.

The smell of the air before a big game.  The smile on the face of my players individually or collectively when a break they have earned goes their way.  Knowing that if things don’t go our way, that our players have a go-to-guy afterwards with an explanation, the right inspirational message for them, and a game plan going forward, knowing that they will always have a rock that they can unconditionally look up to.

The skip in my step from the moment I wake up until the ball gets put in play.  The temporary escape from life’s troubles, which are going to re-appear when the game is over, and which I will maintain as my priority after I’ve side-stepped into this wonderful game that my team is going to play today.  That is why I coach.

Tom – Thank you so much for sharing as this emotionally charged piece is sure to inspire others to be even better in what they do today, tomorrow, and onward.

Coach Brad


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    1. Make sure you give him a hug next time you see him and hold on tight. Play it forward and create the most amazing experience and opportunities for your future kids…Thanks for reading Coach Chase!!!

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