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2015 and Beyond – Educate, Educate, Educate

“I alone cannot change the World, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

  • Mother Teresa

IMG_8492I firmly believe that 2015 can be the year of education for families, coaches, athletes, fans, and other supporters of positive activities within athletics. This is not a simple process, but it is extremely difficult as engrained beliefs passed down through multiple generations must be stripped away to reveal a more purposeful participation in the athletic endeavor. We cannot change history…we simply move forward and create the future!!!

This process must first begin with an open mind. Understanding that sports for participants has the opportunity to create an environment of success in which personal growth towards achievement in all aspects of life can be a reality. The support group for the athlete has the ability through Intentional Positive Interaction to be this magnificent group of people that encourages the athlete through successes and set backs towards a lifetime of accomplishments.

Athletes thrive in environments that feature:

  • Learning and fun to be the two significant outcome goals.
  • An emphasis placed on personal improvement over winning.
  • Coaches that create personal relationships with athletes and their families.
  • Mistakes as stepping stones towards achievement.
  • Coaches who provide positive reinforcement as well as constructive criticism.

The environment is a function of all that is around the athlete including family members, other athletes, friends from outside of sports, and the school community. Can we all be on the same page about a development scheme for the young athlete?  I hope so as it is vital to lifetime success development and continued sport participation…

Let’s all make a pledge to EDUCATE and SPEAK OUT in order to create a better experience in athletics for all participants. When a coach, family member, athlete, or fan is not living up to their end of the bargain in making the athletic environment the best it can be, please give them a reminder of what type of environment athletes thrive in and let them know to join the blog today.

IMG_8196Future generations of coaches and athletes will benefit from the positive environments we champion today.  Promote these aspects and make ripples within the ocean of athletics. 

Thank you for taking part in the Blog!!!

Coach Brad


2 thoughts on “2015 and Beyond – Educate, Educate, Educate

  1. Yet another good post. I am impressed with all you’re good ideas for creatining better athletes, but even more importantly, all these same principles can, and should, be used by teachers, parents, and in every day life to promote the creation of better overall individuals in ALL aspects of life…not just athletics.

    1. I agree as well as these principles should be used throughout life. Unfortunately from my previous experiences, on the athletic field it becomes more result oriented than learning based. This change in thinking would make so much difference throughout the country.

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