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Educated Coaches Vision for 2015

A positive sports environment established for all athletes.

How can this actually happen?

This can happen by caring individuals having a better understanding about why athletes participate in sports.  A Michigan State University study reported that athletes participate in sports for the top 5 reasons:

  1. To have fun.
  2. To do something I’m good at.
  3. To improve my skills.
  4. To stay in shape.
  5. To get exercise

photo 1Delivering a program that focuses on the process of development over winning, promotes learning and fun, and defines what success looks like is a program where the participant can continue advancing on and off the field.  These timeless lessons become opportunities for lifelong learning.

Educated Coaches seeks to establish a positive sports environment that ensures athletes, coaches, families, and other support groups interact in a cohesive manner to promote lifetime success for the participant on and off the field.

The process of athletic development over the course of numerous seasons featuring CONSISTENCY of experience and expectations creates a positive sports environment.

Yours in Growing the Future,

Coach Brad


3 thoughts on “Educated Coaches Vision for 2015

    1. It is an extremely interesting scientific study as result of activity (winning versus losing) was the 8th reason listed for athletes in middle school and high school (8000 people in study:

      It seems that many athletes in this age range do not like comparisons to other members of the group and prefer competing against personal bests.

      I personally loved competing growing up and making comparisons to other players I played against. I believe the comparison part made me second guess myself as a player but has assisted me tremendously as a coach as I automatically put players into categories when I see them play.

      Thanks for reading the post!!!

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