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Lifetime Success Through Dynamic Sport Experiences

Every now and then, an athlete will have an exceptional coach that provides a memorable sports experience.  The athlete loves to attend training, cherishes game days, and daydreams about what the future holds for subsequent participation.  This dynamic experience between coach and athlete has the possibility to create a lifetime of success.IMG_7399

The coach with a global perspective understands that the influence they provide lasts well after the season is over.  The key moments of on field instruction have the opportunity to provide the most significant impact in the life of the athlete.  The coach that comprehends this process provides value beyond their win/loss record.  They make a significant positive difference in the life path of the athlete.

The dynamic coach provides a phenomenal environment, generally focused on the following attributes:

  • Honest/Approachable/Great Communicator
  • Passionate/Fun/Caring
  • Emphasizes and creates positive relationships
  • Dedicated to the success of the athletes and program
  • Educated in teaching, alters leadership style for varying situations, and provides effective feedback.

IMG_5352Could this type of experience become the norm for all athletes?  The 4 year old, the 11 year old, the 19 year old…can they all expect to get this amazing experience every single year and not just hope for the experience by “getting lucky that one year.”

What if the participants only knew this type of experience for their athletic careers.  Being led by such a dynamic individual who understands their significance in the life of the participant; how a meaningful word or action can effect an entire experience; and what caring looks like between leader (coach), individual (athlete), and group (team); the athlete is bound to have a memorable experience setting them on a path for an increased opportunity of lifetime success.

Many coaches and leaders have a few of the attributes of a dynamic coach but it is a rare find to locate a coach with all five.

Parents and Athletes – If you can find a coach that provides this experience, hold on and do not let go.  The experience will be incredible.  

Coaches – Strive to become this type of leader and you will lead a life of meaning.

Creating a Positive Sports Environment for All Athletes,

Coach Brad



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