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A Positive Sports Environment Sets the Tone for Success

Growth happens on and off the field within a positive environment.

Educated Coaches places the highest emphasis on the overall quality of the athletic experience. We seek to establish a positive sports environment that ensures athletes, coaches, families and other support groups interact in a cohesive manner to promote lifetime success for the participants on and off the field. This process of athletic development over the course of numerous seasons featuring consistency of experience and expectations creates a positive sports environment.

The above Educated Coaches philosophy statement is our “WHY”. A positive sports environment sets in motion the following:

  • Increased mental and physical health of the participant.
  • Skill building as the focus for development.
  • Winning as a byproduct of hard work and skill building.
  • Future growth of the sport.
  • On and off the field learning opportunities.
  • Positive relationship development between coach, athlete, families, and support groups.
  • Teamwork and group cohesion.
  • Fun and learning as significant outcome goals.
  • Goal setting to allow the participant to define personal and team success.
  • Mentorship opportunities between coach/athlete, athlete/athlete, and coach/support group.

It seems that most organizations and coaches would follow and promote this type of specific sports environment to ensure each participant has an increased opportunity to have a positive experience. Unfortunately, the established environment often comes in second to the result of the game.

Changing the win at all cost idea within athletics is not a quick fix. Immediate satisfaction is built into American culture in the year 2015. Items like learning over time, building skill, goal setting, mentor relationships, and developing positive relationships are ideas that take time to evolve and often take to long for the “win now or else” crowd.

It is hard for me to remember many of the scores of the games I have played and coached or the records of the seasons, but I still remember the feelings associated with the process of creating and working towards a positive sports environment. Looking back, these were the meaningful experiences that shaped me into the person I am today, not the winning or losing of a game.

The process of growth and development is more meaningful than the result of the game. The game is often simply a part of the process…In 2015, evolve as a coach, parent, athlete, or support group member and focus on creating a positive sports environment for all involved at all levels of athletics. You will be amazed at the outcome!!!

Creating a Positive Sports Environment for All Athletes,

Coach Brad


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