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Youth Sports Enduring Truths


Three enduring truths must be present in youth sports for participation to be considered a success:

  1. The participant has fun during training and games. This can be witnessed through facial expressions (smiling and laughing), in conversation, and through effort displayed on the field.
  2. Learning happens over the course of the season. Within sports, learning happens in training and in games and can be observed by coaches and parents. Effective coaches use tools to measure learning to let the participant and family know how much growth has occurred over the course of the season.
  3. The participant develops a passion for participation. The athlete loves what they do and cannot quench their thirst for participation. This person becomes compelled toward the sport that they find important and are willing to invest time and energy into playing and working towards their goals.

Keep youth sports simple. Guide the families you work with towards these three enduring truths and watch success follow.

Enjoy the Youth Sports Journey,

Coach Brad


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