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Discovering Yourself

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Personal Growth and Self-Discovery can be described as

  • BOLD

and is a process that must happen in order to work towards life mastery. One of my favorite quotes from Abraham Maslow is below:

You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.

Internal self-discovery is a personal journey in understanding who you are, what you care about, and why you do what you do. Having a grasp on personal values and expectations are the cornerstones of this process and lead to fulfillment of the inner quest of personal growth.

Taking the step forward into growth that Maslow discusses in his quote is a complex process that puts the individual front and center. Will you be able to stand up to critics while creating excellence and eventually finding prosperity?

The step forward into growth can be actions such as:

  • Writing a book or blog.
  • Going out on a first date.
  • Franchising a successful product and moving it to a new section of the country.
  • Having a conversation with your superior about job duties and payment.
  • Trying out for a sports team.
  • Deciding to coach a team and put forth an exceptional effort.

Opportunities exist everyday for all of us to step forward into growth. Have you thoroughly discovered yourself to allow confidence to shine through in all that you do?

Go on a daily quest to push your boundaries. You owe it to yourself in this journey called your life.

Empowering athletes, families, coaches, and organizations to create opportunities for lifetime success,

Coach Brad

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