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Exceptional Versus Ordinary

Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

  • John W. Gardner (Former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare)

Exceptional experiences fall into the category of excellence. As athletes, parents, coaches, and members of the athletes support group, we all want exceptional. Exceptional requires extra work through ensuring all details are planned out…a large effort that is extremely worthwhile for the coach and athlete.

Delivering Exceptional is:IMG_7001

  • Planned
  • Purposeful
  • Impactful
  • Memorable
  • Passionate

Delivering Ordinary is:

  • Boring
  • Forgettable
  • Rushed
  • Status Quo
  • Routine

Delivering exceptional experiences create passionate followers who will:

  • want to be part of the experience over and over again.
  • passionately tell friends and family about the experience.
  • recruit friends to be involved in the experience.
  • provide extra effort in making sure they are part of the experience.
  • include not only the athlete but members of the athletes support group.

As a coach being part of the athletes support group means we should work towards delivering an exceptional experience during each interaction. One way this can happen is in the following process:

  • Detailed planning prior to all interactions.
    • This means the session is planned down to the detail to make all portions of the scheduled activities run smoothly. The details must include groupings, scheduled water breaks, time considerations, and purposeful activities.
  • Purposeful selection of activities.
    • The activities that are selected to be used during the training session must have purpose within the development of the participants and the time of the season. A complete understanding of the yearly periodized plan is vital to creating an exceptional interaction.
  • Impactful use of individual and team interaction with players and coaching staff.
    • Promoting a team environment where complete effort and transparent communication are priorities is vital to individual and group success. As priorities within the program, the master coach will show athletes how to develop a proficient ability in providing a full effort and communication on a daily basis. These skills will also lead to success outside of athletic participation.
  • Memorable delivery of planned lesson.
    • The coach on stage…facial expressions, voice inflection, body language, high energy, and voice volume control delivered at the appropriate time provides a verbal cue to the athlete that can be remembered and put into use. Coaches that use this skill to its full potential motivate the athletes they coach to love training and spend time on their own working on skill development.
  • Growth of passion in coach and participant.
    • The passionate coach passes the love of participation on to the athlete through interactions that take place before, during, and after training. The athletes notice the effort and passion displayed by the exceptional coach leading to passion growth within the athletes.

Coaches – Challenge yourself today to create exceptional experiences for each athlete you work with. Your effort will have a meaningful impact in development, growth, and passion for participation for each athlete.

Parents – Do the coaches your children work with provide an exceptional experience? Is your child becoming passionate about exercise, fitness, and the sport through the instruction of the coach in which they are interacting?

Athletes – Do you love working with your coach?  How could you and your coach work together to create a better relationship?

Empowering athletes, families, coaches, and organizations to create opportunities for lifetime success,

Coach Brad

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