Coach Brad

The Road Trip

Too often in life we are so concerned with getting to the finish line we never take the time to enjoy the journey. So many fun experiences and joyful memories are never made because the journey and process to reach your destination are not emphasized.   Do not be afraid to take the road less traveled, or to begin a new adventure.  Have fun along the way, create lasting memories and the results will be that much more satisfying when you get there.

                          Coach Matt Nein

3 thoughts on “The Road Trip

  1. Very well stated Matt! As a player, I had a single long term goal to play Major League Baseball. When I didn’t reach this goal it was very depressing and I began second guessing why I put so much time in. As a coach, I stress the short term attainable goals. Make the JV team or Varsity. Then earn a starting role. Next, develop the skills and grades needed to play in college. Through short term attainable goals an enjoyable experience with marked progress can create lasting memories.

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