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A positive, intense feeling that you experience for something that is profoundly meaningful for you as an individual.

  • Melissa Cardon – Passion Researcher

ve130815-0118.2_16_9_teaser_onecolumnAs a coach, infusing passion for the topic within each participant creates the critical value of the lesson. Passion matters because it leads to important behaviors and outcomes associated with successful athletes. Athletes exposed to environments featuring passion development as an outcome can’t help from thinking about their sport, acting on it, and talking about it with other people (Gallo, 2014). Passionate athletes:

  • spend time outside of organized training and games participating in their sport.
  • specifically plan use of resources such as mental training, rest, and good nutritional habits.
  • watch professionals from their sport live and on television.
  • locate mentors that can further their development on and off the playing surface.
  • become team leaders.
  • enjoy conversing with others and playing video games featuring their sport, their favorite teams, and favorite athletes.

This type of development does not happen accidentally, in a short amount of time, or without the assistance of intentional positive interaction from supportive friends and adults. Spreading passion for exercise, healthy habits, and the sport I teach are the main reasons I continue to work with children of all ages on the athletic field. Going beyond the X’s and O’s and further than wins and losses to making exceptional people during each interaction with an athlete has to become the standard for youth sports to continue to work within this country.

Coaches that devise lesson plans for their sessions featuring passion development as an outcome are intentionally focusing upon the current and future successes of the athlete. These types of lessons focus on creating activities that spotlight the following Effective Lesson Attributes:

  • Fun
  • Learning
  • Imagination development
  • Overcoming a challenge
  • Working towards a meaningful accomplishment

The more Effective Lesson Attributes that can be included within an activity or lesson plan, the greater the opportunity to develop a passionate athlete. I fully understand all athletes will have varying levels of passion, but if we as coaches can create lessons with outcomes intentionally designed to develop passion; we will have more successful players, more successful teams, and better people within our programs.

A successful coach inspires, encourages, and convinces their athletes to perform better and dream bigger. The top 5% of successful coaches also challenge their athletes to be better people. By creating an environment of passion development during practice and games, you will be assisting your athletes to become better people on and off the field.

Could learning how to be passionate on the athletic field provide examples for developing passion for learning in school, excelling at a profession, or becoming a great friend. Coach to challenge your athletes to become better people each and every day!!!

Empowering athletes, families, coaches, and organizations to create opportunities for lifetime success,

Coach Brad

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Gallo, C. (2014). Talk like Ted: The 9 public speaking secrets of the world’s top minds. NY, NY: St. Martin’s Press.

2 thoughts on “PASSION

  1. Once again Brad, you’ve hit the nail on the head. And that passion goes for much more than coaches. It is often said that with passion for anything, work becomes enjoyable. And if you don’t have that passion in your workplace, better think about moving on.


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