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3 Concepts Top Youth Sport Leaders Master

1103424851-01486e1e2d9de010d7448aa41af89d3bDirecting a youth sport organization has the opportunity to be a rewarding experience in which your thoughts, processes, and philosophies are introduced to enrich the lives of the athletes, families, coaches, and all other followers connected to the group. The privilege granted to be a resource to many while controlling the final decision on significant organizational matters is a desirable leadership position.

But in our world of youth sports today, when does reality set in?

  • Following a significant loss to another local organization?
  • When a coach questions your methods?
  • When a parent questions your processes?
  • When families no longer come back to participate in your organization?
  • After your work week lengthens from 40 hours to 90 hours?

Is it possible to create an environment on and off the field that indoctrinates families to become repeat customers and trust the decision makers through thick and thin?

Do you have the fortitude to stand by your ideas in times of turmoil? Can you remain upbeat after the fifth or tenth time you are questioned?

How can you create an environment where you are not simply putting out daily fires but participating in aspects of athletics that create transformational growth such as on field coaching, program planning, relationship building, and coach education?

Master these 3 Concepts of Youth Sport Leadership and you will have an increased opportunity for meaningful impact.

  1. Vision Casting: The coaches, athletes, families, and anybody else with a stake in the organization have a realistic understanding of the future of the group as directed by the leader. This viewpoint is so compelling and explained over and over again that it moves the group to work together to establish strategic goals to reach for the vision.
  2. Communication is connection and inspiration – not just transmission of information. Communication is critical for building trust, alignment, and executing strategy. A big part of communication is relationships. If you have a relationship with someone, you can solve any problem. Embrace all of the groups you lead including athletes, parents, coaches, referees, and sponsors by providing effective, compelling, and transparent communication.
  3. Effectively Get Work Done Through Others: Getting things done yourself is great, but it doesn’t scale very well. If you want to do big things, it requires effectively getting work done through others. An effective youth sport leader will train supporters and assistants to complete tasks in a proficient manner. This training will lead to the ability to delegate assignments effectively and lead the group towards a common mission, vision, and definition of success.

Leading a youth sport organization is a complicated process that is characterized by limited personal glory. The hard work and determination put forth by the leader and other members of the organization promotes success among the entire group. Leaders that follow the 3 Concepts of Youth Sport Leadership have an increased ability to provide the necessary influence to guide the organization towards prosperity.

Empowering athletes, families, coaches, and organizations to create opportunities for lifetime success,

Coach Brad

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4 thoughts on “3 Concepts Top Youth Sport Leaders Master

  1. Very, very well put! I would also add that the competency of these leaders must be top notch…such as those at Sweet Feet and Storm soccer. Keep up your great work both on and off the field(s).

    1. Great points Madeline!!! The leader must be effective in many areas but I think the ones discussed in the article are often overlooked, but of great importance!!!

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