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Reflective Coaching Growth

Personal growth happens through constant reflection. Reflection about your daily wins and losses over time will culminate in personal growth. Refuse to review your past and you are sure to make the same mistakes over and over again.

As coaches we move from a practice or game, player interaction, or discussion with a parent on to our next obligation so fast that we often have very limited time to reflect on our actions.

  • Did I have an effective practice?
  • Am I creating a positive team culture on and off the field?
  • Are my game management skills effective in giving my team an opportunity to be a success?
  • Do I have a grasp on sport psychology skills I can use effectively with my team?
  • Does the team vision, mission, strategic goals, and values align with how I interact with the group within all situations?

Personal growth as a coach is never a simple process. Often, we have to leave our ego’s behind and reevaluate our perceived coaching strengths and weaknesses.

The Educated Coaches SWO2 analysis document will assist all coaches with reflecting upon and analyzing how growth as a coach can happen. This simple document gets directly to the point of using past coaching experiences to shape future successes. The image below is the SWO2 Coaching Analysis form.

Educated Coaches Coaching SWO2 AnalysisWithin the form, responses should be limited to three bullet points under each category so the coach can have an intentional focus on specific opportunities for growth. At the conclusion of this reflective exercise, a statement of summary is written creating an action plan on how future tasks will encourage the coach to further develop in a positive manner. The beauty of this model is the action plan is formulated directly from the coaches reflections written within each category.

Perform this exercise every three months to see maximum progress in developing skills to be a better coach. Even better, sit down with a mentor and review the SWO2 document with them to enhance growth by having another set of respected eyes to advise you on your perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and obstacles. Formulating the action plan together, with enhanced knowledge from the mentor, will likely create a more realistic pathway towards coaching growth.

Print off a SW02 Analysis form: Educated Coaches Coaching SWO2 Analysis

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