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Innovate Youth Sports

“What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world.” – Simon Sinek

educated coachesWhat could be the future of innovation for youth sports? No preference for the impact of positive or negative…simply how will youth sports innovate. My personal thoughts include ideas that could include:

  • Flying individual children in to play on “tournament teams.”
  • Coaches that advocate free play and unstructured activities.
  • Wearable technology for all age groups that provide instant feedback on performance.
  • Youth sports as a marketable and profitable television product.
  • Increasing the number of games and tournaments within a season.
  • Following the recommendations issued within the Long Term Athletic Development Plan.
  • Promoting training and practice over game play.
  • Enhanced financial assistance and development opportunities from organizations involved in professional athletics.
  • Inflating the registration fees for participation and tournament play.
  • Professionalizing training for participants at younger ages.
  • Influencing parents to promote proper sideline behavior.
  • Expanded individual or small group training away from the traditional team setting.
  • The use of video performance analysis to enhance participants ability.
  • Increased organization for all youth sports placing participants in a more professionalized business environment.
  • More research based training and coach leadership methods moved from theory to practice.
  • Mental/Performance training for athletes at younger ages.
  • Financial support for those individuals that are unable to afford participation.
  • Enhanced coach/leaders training through various multi-media platforms.
  • Youth sport becoming an activity in which only affluent families are able to participate.
  • Parents rebelling against the current youth sport dynamic to create a more family friendly model.

Where are we going with this? It is very likely that the list I have compiled will not include the most impactful innovations. Many of the concepts listed above are already being attempted to be put into action. What do you think the future innovations for youth sports will be over the next 10 to 15 years? I would love to read your ideas of what this landscape will look like in the reply section below…

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Coach Brad

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2 thoughts on “Innovate Youth Sports

  1. Brad,

    Youth sports seems to be near the end of a very extreme pendulum swing. With the advent of technology and the “professionalization” of youth sports over the past decade, many of the things that you’ve listed above will become cautionary tales about how not to do it. Others will become common practice. I truly believe that there will be a more common sense approach to youth sports. The generation that is going through the extremity of the present landscape will have learned valuable lessons from their experiences. As they become parents, their radar will be attuned to the pitfalls that their generation went through.

    Just my thoughts,

    1. Great information Pete!!! My worry continues to be we are not at the end of the extreme pendulum swing. As I keep reading articles I continue to question parents, coaches, and organizations rationalization for some of their actions…I love your ideas and hope that within the next generation a more common sense approach will take over.

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