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Sports Families Give Thanks…

Sports Families give thanks when:

  • Your child:
    • is able and excited about participating in sports.
    • wants to play with family and friends outside of official training times.
    • wants to watch collegiate/professional sports live and on television.
    • has a favorite athlete and favorite team.
    • participates on a team with friends and families that do fun activities together off of the field.
  • The coach:
    • understands and utilizes appropriate teaching methods.
    • values training over extensive game and tournament play.
    • develops mental skills that enhance on and off-field success for a lifetime.
    • teaches sportsmanship in all situations.
    • instructs parents on appropriate behavior before, during, and after practices and games.
  • The organization:
    • values player development.
    • has a program for all skill and dedication levels of participants.
    • uses an appropriately developed curriculum to train participants at all levels.
    • trains coaches to promote participant success.
    • honestly communicates with all families and participants.

What else are you thankful for within the life of your young athlete?  I am looking forward to your responses.


Empowering athletes, families, coaches, and organizations to create opportunities for lifetime success,

Coach Brad

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