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Coaching Checklist

IMG_0027The Coaching Checklist…I found this utterly simplified and powerful tool for coaches of any and all aged athletes that it had to be reprinted to get out to as many coaches as possible. Dr. Martin Toms who is a senior lecturer in sports coaching at University of Birmingham, UK created this coaching checklist. Follow him on Twitter for more valuable coaching education information at this link: @drmartintoms

According to Dr. Toms, The only tick list you need when coaching this weekend:

  1. Make it fun
  2. Say less
  3. Empower them
  4. Enthuse
  5. Include
  6. Be a role model
  7. Smile
  8. Build community
  9. Let them play
  10. Engage
  11. Remember that it’s never about you
  12. Go to 1

Can coaching be this simple? Why yes, the best coaches often use the game as the main teacher and provide instruction when necessary being a role model and creating a positive relationship with each individual they work with. This is how growth and development happen!!!

Thank you so much Dr. Toms for sharing knowledge about what coaching should be.

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Coach Brad

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