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Commitment: Measuring Buy-In

Coaches often ask their athletes if they are bought in to becoming successful in their sport or the best athlete they can personally become. The answer we always hear is YES Coach, I am ALL IN! This is great to hear, but as a coach, how do we truly know if they are bought in?… Continue reading Commitment: Measuring Buy-In

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Communication = Feedback

How do you communicate with your athletes?  Have you ever truly thought about it? Communication is feedback.  What I mean by this is that anytime you are communicating with your athletes, you are providing feedback to them.  The biggest misconception with feedback is that it relates only to the verbal or written communication you provide… Continue reading Communication = Feedback

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Continuing Education: Leadership & Teambuilding Seminar

Growth and development are instrumental toward the success of any program. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a Leadership and Teambuilding conference hosted by SkillPath Seminars this week. This blog post series will highlight three key concepts (Leadership Qualities, Delegation and Feedback) that were discussed during this one day seminar. “Everything rises… Continue reading Continuing Education: Leadership & Teambuilding Seminar

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Creating the Playoff Experience IV: Action

In the previous posts of this series we have been talking about the role experiences play in creating passion in sport. We have also been discussing the best ways to create these experiences.  Starting the journey of creating great experience begins with awareness.  Awareness of who am I as a coach? As we become aware… Continue reading Creating the Playoff Experience IV: Action

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Creating the Playoff Experience III: Strategy

In the previous posts we have been talking about the development of passion through experiences and how we as coaches create the best experiences for our athletes. The first step to creating quality experiences is awareness. Awareness of who we are as coaches and how we impact and make a difference in the lives of… Continue reading Creating the Playoff Experience III: Strategy

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Creating the Playoff Experience: Part II – Awareness

“Develop the passion so that we can develop the player.”   – Paul S. A. Mairs & Richard E. Shaw from the book Coaching Outside the Box Picture: Matt Nein with former intern Tim Morrill who has a tremendous passion for strength and conditioning. Check him out at Morrill Performance at In my previous post we… Continue reading Creating the Playoff Experience: Part II – Awareness

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Creating the Playoff Experience

What do you remember most about playing rec league baseball? Being in 2nd Grade? Or your first job? The one common link between all of these memories is that there was an impactful experience. This experience may have been positive or negative but it greatly influenced you becoming engrained into your memory. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman… Continue reading Creating the Playoff Experience

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Baseball – State of the Game Part II

As stated in other posts here on, the experiences we create for young participants are vital to developing a lasting love for the game. It is my observation of the game of baseball that the experiences that are currently being created at an early age are nowhere near the best possible opportunities for falling in… Continue reading Baseball – State of the Game Part II