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The 21st Century Athletic Development Process – Max Stanley

I have known Max Stanley for ten years in various roles including coach, fan, and friend. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching him develop on and off the field into a respected member of the community and outstanding individual. In the spring, I asked Max to answer a few questions about his process in becoming the… Continue reading The 21st Century Athletic Development Process – Max Stanley

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One Way to Enhance the Leadership Experience

This spring as the coach of the Savannah Arts Academy Girls Soccer team, developing leadership skills was an important aspect of our seasonal plan. At the top of the list, I ranked communication as the most important aspect of leadership. One way we worked towards developing our communication skills was through Captain presentations. The five… Continue reading One Way to Enhance the Leadership Experience

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The 21st Century Youth Development Process

The process of youth sport development in the 21st century often ends up being a very interesting path that can lead to numerous stops and starts participating for multiple teams in different cities. We wanted to get the story first hand from Bolivian U17 international soccer player Paolo Alcocer about his process and thoughts on… Continue reading The 21st Century Youth Development Process

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Coaching Checklist

The Coaching Checklist…I found this utterly simplified and powerful tool for coaches of any and all aged athletes that it had to be reprinted to get out to as many coaches as possible. Dr. Martin Toms who is a senior lecturer in sports coaching at University of Birmingham, UK created this coaching checklist. Follow him… Continue reading Coaching Checklist

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Personal Development Through Dynamic Sport Experiences

“We have to have a multi-dimensional approach to grow the person first and the player second if we want to have a lasting, meaningful impact on the people we work with.” Brad Ledbetter: What Drives Winning As coaches, we are expected to provide the physical and mental training for player development to occur in our… Continue reading Personal Development Through Dynamic Sport Experiences

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I have had a few days to reflect about the United Soccer Coaches annual convention this past weekend in Philadelphia, PA and as I look back, I thoroughly believe that after attending the convention for the last 15 years, the 2018 version was one of the greatest professional experiences of my life. Three impactful events… Continue reading #Conventioned

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Sports Families Give Thanks…

Sports Families give thanks when: Your child: is able and excited about participating in sports. wants to play with family and friends outside of official training times. wants to watch collegiate/professional sports live and on television. has a favorite athlete and favorite team. participates on a team with friends and families that do fun activities… Continue reading Sports Families Give Thanks…

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Coaching – Defined and Analyzed

Coaching is fostering positive relationships in order to create, motivate, and influence athletes on and off field habits that lead to individual and group success. Read What is Coaching? to learn why it was necessary to create this definition… The above definition of coaching provides a starting point for coaches of all experience levels to… Continue reading Coaching – Defined and Analyzed

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What is Coaching?

What is sport coaching? Coaching is many things to many people and generally different definitions and thoughts follow when discussing the topic. To get on board with what we are attempting to get better at, I believe that a detailed┬áconcept of the term coaching should be created. Through observation, I have realized what I do… Continue reading What is Coaching?

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The Importance of Teaching Effort

There may be people that have more talent than you, but theres no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do. Derek Jeter Within the life of an athlete, learning how to provide the appropriate level of consistent effort for excellence could be the most important topic for sport/life success, skill development, and participant… Continue reading The Importance of Teaching Effort