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Reflective Coaching Growth

Personal growth happens through constant reflection. Reflection about your daily wins and losses over time will culminate in personal growth. Refuse to review your past and you are sure to make the same mistakes over and over again. As coaches we move from a practice or game, player interaction, or discussion with a parent on to… Continue reading Reflective Coaching Growth

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Successful Organizations Plan for Success

With more than an estimated 41 million American children participating in competitive formalized sports, the social system of youth sports has become more complex with the increased involvement of parents and other adult administrators and coaches (Hilgers, 2006). While the programs will continue to grow into the future, it is vital to find a way that the… Continue reading Successful Organizations Plan for Success

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Three Strategies for Increased Harmony Between Work and Life

Work-life conflict for coaches is a common trend for all levels including youth, high school, and collegiate sports (Nein, 2016). In order to live a life of greater satisfaction, follow these three strategies for increased balance between work and life. Strategy 1: Intentionally focus on strategies that limit work-life conflict. Communicate schedules, priorities, and future… Continue reading Three Strategies for Increased Harmony Between Work and Life

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The Elephant in the Coaches Room

A typical day in the life of Coach… The standard day begins at 6 AM when Coach gets out of bed to begin the day. Helping his wife with two kids in the morning, grabbing breakfast for the road, and driving to school is always a rushed morning. In season, this is the only time… Continue reading The Elephant in the Coaches Room

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Servant Leaders = Servant Coaches

Appropriate organizational leadership within athletics is an intriguing topic that promotes various opinions. When performed effectively, the organization flourishes in all on and off field aspects. On the other hand, ineffective leadership will quickly ruin the experience of everyone involved in the program. Leadership establishes the culture of the organization which plays a crucial role… Continue reading Servant Leaders = Servant Coaches

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Master Coaches Emphasize What’s Important

John Wooden who was always ahead of his time in the field of coaching and relationship development delivers an amazing quote that is still incredibly relevant today. This quote is especially important in the field of coaching as so many coaches do not have a complete understanding of their effect during critical moments when player… Continue reading Master Coaches Emphasize What’s Important

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3 Concepts Top Youth Sport Leaders Master

Directing a youth sport organization has the opportunity to be a rewarding experience in which your thoughts, processes, and philosophies are introduced to enrich the lives of the athletes, families, coaches, and all other followers connected to the group. The privilege granted to be a resource to many while controlling the final decision on significant organizational matters is a… Continue reading 3 Concepts Top Youth Sport Leaders Master

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The Value of Interests Outside of Coaching

Athletic coaches from all competitive levels often get caught up in the pursuit of job performance that could lead to excess that includes work weeks that include 50 or more hours, health risks caused from stress and being overworked, and loss of family time (Burgess & Masterson, 2015; Weiszer, 2013). Athletic coaching does not include… Continue reading The Value of Interests Outside of Coaching

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And Then Brooks Came…

Brooks came on September 10th to complete our family. We are so in love with him and he is the most amazing little big guy. My life has never been better and Courtney, as always, is such an amazing Mom and Wife. Big shoutouts to Owen and Avery for being the best older siblings!!! Enjoy… Continue reading And Then Brooks Came…

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Family Values

This fall is different for me for the first time since 1982 when I was five years old. I am not participating or coaching a fall team sport. From 1982 through 1998 I played soccer on youth, high school, and collegiate teams during the fall season. Following graduation from Salisbury University in May 1999, I returned to SU… Continue reading Family Values