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Sport Specialization – The Whole Truth

The age at which an athlete should begin specializing in a single sport has been and currently is a hot topic in the United States. We hear all the time that sport specialization can lead to increased stress, overuse injuries, burnout, and lack of motivation. We know that there is plenty of research available that… Continue reading Sport Specialization – The Whole Truth

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The Education of A Coach Part IV – Developing Young Coaches

Adding to our series on the education of a Coach is Matt Nein.  In Part IV he analyzes how he works with and provides leadership for the coaches in the Strength and Conditioning Program at Salisbury University.  The school is quite fortunate to have an individual that is willing to put forth this type of… Continue reading The Education of A Coach Part IV – Developing Young Coaches

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Time for A Change – Part II

Coach Matt Nein writes a fantastic post about change and the realities of this happening. ENJOY!!! It’s time, time to start the change.  You cannot stay in one place and expect success to develop.  As I said in part 1 of this blog resiliency to change is often easier.  Change takes effort and commitment to… Continue reading Time for A Change – Part II

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Why Change? Part 1

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow.  If we don’t grow we aren’t really living.”  – Gail Sheehy A leader must be willing to change and grow for the better.  This is the one of many important components of becoming successful.  Too often, people are resilient to change.  This is the case because change is… Continue reading Why Change? Part 1

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Personality: Who Am I?

In this series we’ve looked at how knowledge, skills, abilities, and interests play a role in the choices we make which define who we are.  In the final post of the series, Who Am I, we will discuss the role personalities play in these choices. Are you shy or outgoing, nervous or confident, lazy or… Continue reading Personality: Who Am I?

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My Interests: How Do They Affect My Choices

Part 4 of Who am I When discussing interests and enthusiasm with my athletes I often ask for a school class/subject that they do not enjoy.  I may hear things like math, or english, or even chemistry.  My next question to them is why don’t you like this class/subject? The common answer I get is… Continue reading My Interests: How Do They Affect My Choices

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Skills and Abilities: How do they Affect my Choices?

This post is part three in a series written by Coach Matt titled Who Am I. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines skills as a developed ability, whereas abilities can be defined as a natural or acquired skill.  So what are my abilities and/or skills?  What am I capable of doing that can aid in the accomplishment of… Continue reading Skills and Abilities: How do they Affect my Choices?