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Creating a Growth Mindset
Brad Creating a Growth Mindset
Matt Presenting on Long Term Athletic Development

Matt and Brad are available to do presentations on topics such as:

  • Athletes, Parents, and Coaches Seminar: Creating an Environment of Success
  • Athletes Seminar: Designing Success Through Enhanced Mental Training
  • Organizational Leadership Seminar: Developing and Leading a Transformational Organization
  • Coaches and Director Seminar: Coaching Success Within a Profession of Work-Family Conflict
  • Athletes, Parents, Coaches, and Organizational Leaders Seminar: Creating and Keeping a Positive Culture
  • Athletes and Coaches: Creating and Maintaining a Functional Strength and Conditioning Program

Matt and Brad are also available to customize an event to your specific needs. Please complete the form below or call Brad at 912-257-3989 for availability and pricing information.