Success Stories

Deliah Arrington

Deliah Arrington is an success story.  Her soccer pedigree is exceptional as she has had success at every level including being the 2002 ACC Player of the Year, participating in WUSA professional league, and most recently being inducted into the Clemson Athletic Hall of Fame.  We are lucky enough at Storm Soccer Academy to have D involved with our program in Hilton Head, SC.  She had the following to say about the blog:

“Just thought you would like to know that my second camp is so much better!  I came prepared, took time to plan sessions, and not just wing it.  I feel more confident about my sessions and I think the kids are not JUST having fun but learning…SUCCESS!  Thanks again educated coaches.”

Having known D for a few years now, I throughly believe her sessions have always reached a level of success above and beyond the status quo.  Possibly acquiring a knowledge of the importance of impact, involvement, and relationship building through intentional positive interaction has allowed Deliah to change lives for the better!  Way to go D!!!

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