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Training Activity Selection

As a coach, how do you select the activities you use during your training sessions?  This is an important and often overlooked portion of player development as we are interested in creating players that can actually perform in the game…not players that can master the coaches drills. Are you one of the following? The coach… Continue reading Training Activity Selection

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Coaching – Defined and Analyzed

Coaching is fostering positive relationships in order to create, motivate, and influence athletes on and off field habits that lead to individual and group success. Read What is Coaching? to learn why it was necessary to create this definition… The above definition of coaching provides a starting point for coaches of all experience levels to… Continue reading Coaching – Defined and Analyzed

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What is Coaching?

What is sport coaching? Coaching is many things to many people and generally different definitions and thoughts follow when discussing the topic. To get on board with what we are attempting to get better at, I believe that a detailed concept of the term coaching should be created. Through observation, I have realized what I do… Continue reading What is Coaching?

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Master Coaches Emphasize What’s Important

John Wooden who was always ahead of his time in the field of coaching and relationship development delivers an amazing quote that is still incredibly relevant today. This quote is especially important in the field of coaching as so many coaches do not have a complete understanding of their effect during critical moments when player… Continue reading Master Coaches Emphasize What’s Important

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Leadership Opportunities for Young Athletes

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born. —Warren Bennis (Pioneer of Leadership Studies) Finding meaningful opportunities to learn how to be a leader as a young person are often limited and haphazard… Continue reading Leadership Opportunities for Young Athletes

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Matching Values and Beliefs

Organizations, coaches, and leaders in all walks of life are successful when they form a culture of success. When this development occurs early within the relationship of leader and follower, increased trust and passion for the leader are demonstrated. This knowledge is beneficial for coaches, teachers, and organizations that work with athletes of all ages… Continue reading Matching Values and Beliefs

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Play Today

“Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.” Abraham Maslow Kids love play. Playing is how kids learn. Playing develops increased creativity. When working with kids under the age of eight, the coach will have increased impact if all activities are made into games. Coaches that are creative have tremendous success when designing lessons for these age groups. The sport… Continue reading Play Today

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Creating the Playoff Experience III: Strategy

In the previous posts we have been talking about the development of passion through experiences and how we as coaches create the best experiences for our athletes. The first step to creating quality experiences is awareness. Awareness of who we are as coaches and how we impact and make a difference in the lives of… Continue reading Creating the Playoff Experience III: Strategy

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Educated Coaches Vision for 2015

A positive sports environment established for all athletes. How can this actually happen? This can happen by caring individuals having a better understanding about why athletes participate in sports.  A Michigan State University study reported that athletes participate in sports for the top 5 reasons: To have fun. To do something I’m good at. To… Continue reading Educated Coaches Vision for 2015