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The Great Difference Maker: Coach…

Expert coaches provide sport and life instruction during each personal interaction. In the previous blog post titled, “The Way Coaches Should Teach” the Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence (PCDEs) were introduced. Within this post, it was loosely detailed how to create a baseball practice in which the focus was proficient fielding and coping under pressure.… Continue reading The Great Difference Maker: Coach…

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Master Coaches Emphasize What’s Important

John Wooden who was always ahead of his time in the field of coaching and relationship development delivers an amazing quote that is still incredibly relevant today. This quote is especially important in the field of coaching as so many coaches do not have a complete understanding of their effect during critical moments when player… Continue reading Master Coaches Emphasize What’s Important

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I Coach…

Why spend my time working with sport participants?  It sure isn’t for wins and losses…Wins and losses do not last as the next game is always on the horizon.  I COACH… I coach to create positive relationships. I coach to have and promote fun. I coach to be involved with feelings of jubilation and success. I… Continue reading I Coach…

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Effective Leadership Produces Positive Relationships

“Friend, there’s no greater investment in life than in being a people builder. Relationships are more important than our accomplishments.” Joel Osteen Creating an effective environment that defines success for each participant is a vital aspect of creating a positive experience when part of a team. The leader/coach that can provide this type of experience has… Continue reading Effective Leadership Produces Positive Relationships

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The Education of A Coach Part IV – Developing Young Coaches

Adding to our series on the education of a Coach is Matt Nein.  In Part IV he analyzes how he works with and provides leadership for the coaches in the Strength and Conditioning Program at Salisbury University.  The school is quite fortunate to have an individual that is willing to put forth this type of… Continue reading The Education of A Coach Part IV – Developing Young Coaches